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Welcome to the Clearview Relocation News Page. Here we intend to publish articles, white-papers and case studies to help those involved in the process of relocation. From those engaged in the international moving of employees, to HR departments who want to outsource their relocation of assignees, to those directly affected by a relocation move.

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Our aim is to provide information that will make the whole relocation move easier, no matter where you fit in the relocation procedure. Being an international relocation service company, means that we have relevant experience for you in the relocation field and we wish to share it with you. So, below is the first of our articles to help you make the whole relocation experience, a smoother transition.

International Relocation Services - Why companies need a Relocation Expert

Well from what we have heard, it seems that every individual that has ever been on an international assignment has found it initially, an extremely stressful experience. Beyond the challenges of any relocation move - from learning a whole new job, moving household furnishings, finding a new (maybe temporary) home and possibly tending to a family in upheaval - Assignees and their families are usually in culture shock to one degree or another as they attempt to adjust to a new environment, where they might not even speak the national language.

Problems that would normally be dealt with as routine back home can loom as impossible challenges, in a new assignment location. As the assignee isn't familiar with all the rules and regulations of the new place, they may well - and usually almost certainly do - rely on their company for any and all information. When this communication is inaccurate or absent altogether, HR managers and departments responsible for assignees can end up with serious problems of their own.

International moving of employees or expat relocation can be so much harder for HR departments who have no experience of the locale they are relocating their people too. Compared to domestic relocations, human resources play a quite different and more encompassing role in supporting the international moving of assignees. International HR work is much more about supporting whole families - not just employees needs. International relocation assignment managers must meet the family's relocation and HR needs during the course of a longer assignment, not the typical short cycle of a domestic move.

So how can companies meet the challenge of ensuring a high quality HR support system for international assignees?

Well that's what we will explain in our next article. In the meantime if you have any interesting Relocation News, then please get in touch - we are happy to publish your article for you, if it is of sufficient quality and interest to our readers. So Contact Us to submit an article or if you want to find out more about our Relocation Services.

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