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Core Services


Finding the right home requires careful attention to the needs and expectations of the individual and their families. The level of support received needs to be tailored to your requirements and instructions, to compliment your policies and work within your budgets.

It's essential that we present only those properties most suited to the individual and to achieve this we spend time exploring their requirements to establish what will suit their needs.

With a detailed brief we then search exhaustively, recommending only the best for viewing. Once a suitable property is selected we will assist in the rental or purchase negotiation of the property and provide guidance in the selection of any professional services required.

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Area Orientation Tours

These provide an introduction to a new area and are particularly useful before embarking upon a full homesearch programme or assisting in an employee's decision to relocate. All the needed aspects of orientation are covered including shopping, amenities, customs, culture and much more.

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Educational Counselling (Choosing a school)

Make no mistake, schools are a big decision and for people moving with children, selecting the right school will be their main concern. We will ensure that the family has all the information, advice and assistance that they need to make the right decision.

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Short Term Accommodation

Not every employee will be relocating for long enough to justify the long term rental or purchase of a home of a new home. In these cases Clearview Relocation can identify an appropriate short term rental property - including serviced apartments. This service may also be useful to assignees who arrive prior to finding permanent accommodation or have not visited the area previously or those on short term assignments.

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Pre Entry Inspection

Prior to occupation the property is inspected to ensure that it has been prepared in a proper manner and any maintenance issues raised during negotiations have been completed by the landlord.

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Check in & Utility Connections

At the beginning of the tenancy we will attend the check in to ensure the ingoing inventory is an accurate reflection of the contents and condition of the property protecting your deposit for the duration of the tenancy. Assistance will also be given with the connection of water and power where the relevant documentation is in place and available to Clearview.

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Check out

At the end of the tenancy we will attend the inventory check out and negotiate any dilapidations to ensure the safe and quick return of any deposit.

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Removals Management

The moving of an individual's possessions can be challenging but it is essential to ensure that they are transported safely, on time, between locations, for all concerned. Clearview are accustomed to handling these movements using trusted carriers - dealing with every stage of the process from packing to delivery, ensuring that all the necessary administration is completed for country specific regulations.

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Property Management

Managing your properties, means that the assignee has one point of contact throughout their stay. We will handle all their property issues and liaise with the landlord/managing agent on any maintenance requirements that may arise. We will also assist with any lease renewals, terminations and negotiate dilapidation claims. This enables our clients to be free of this time consuming but necessary service, enabling you to continue with your everyday tasks whilst your interests are preserved.

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Furniture Rental

Renting furniture is often a better solution than placing an employee into short-term accommodation. The assignee can start living in their new home and have the cost benefit of not needing short-term accommodation. To eliminate some of your short-term accommodation requirements the rental of furniture can be arranged for any period of time.

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